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Liney RV-2 (Plans) - Download

Liney RV-2 (Plans) - Download

Ref: Liney-RV-2-Plans-DL

Download Version - We will email you a PDF file. How this option works... Order the downlod version and once we verify payment we will email you the plans. This takes less than 2 days.

This is a self build kit. You need a Lathe and a Mill to complete this kit. This package includes the plans only - no barstock or machined parts are included. The RV-2 is a four cylinder opposed style engine with gear driven valves and timing. The design is inspired by the internal combustion engines that power so many of today’s general aviation aircraft (and VW's!). The pistons are 3/8 with a 1/2 stroke driving a one piece aluminum crankshaft that rides in miniature ball bearings. The RV designation is for rotating valve. The unique valve design incorporates a pinion gear on the crankshaft which times a one piece rotating valve. This polished brass and aluminum engine would make a great display piece for any aviation enthusiast or lover of mechanical things. The engine is pictured with 6 propeller but can also be fitted with a flywheel. Building it: The RV-2 is a perfect intermediate level project for the home machinist. It involves 61 fasteners and has 43 parts that you will have to make. The schematics have an individual drawing of each part and 3-D views of all the more complex pieces. All dimensions are clearly shown and suggestions for material are given for each part. You will need access to a lathe and milling machine to build this design. A rotary table or dividing head will be necessary if you want to cut your own gears. Due to the difficulty and expense of obtaining gear cutters, we also offer pre-cut gears for this engine.

Price: $12.95 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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