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Liney RV-1 (Kit)

Liney RV-1 (Kit)

Ref: Liney-RV-1kit

This is a self build kit. You need a Lathe and a Mill to complete this kit. No machined parts are included. The RV-1 is an exercise in style and simplicity. The unique oscillating valve and twin, single-acting cylinders can produce very high RPMs. It is designed to run on fairly low pressure as a show piece (not recommended as a source of power for models). The two stainless steel pistons are single acting with simultaneous power strokes and are fed through an unusual oscillating valve design. The exhaust shoots straight up with a very pleasant sound. Like all our engines, It is entirely machined from solid stock and polished to a beautiful finish. To give you an idea of the size, the flywheel is 1.5 inches in diameter and the 11/64 pistons have a .6 stroke. The top of the stack is about three inches high. A barbed 1/8 tube allows for easy connection to an air/steam source. Each engine comes mounted on a top quality solid walnut base. The RV-1 would make a very beautiful and unique addition to any collection. Building it: While close tolerance machining is still a must, the simplicity of this design makes it a great project for a beginner machinist. It would also be a very enjoyable engine for an experienced machinist who desires a less involved project. The packet includes an individual drawing of each part with all dimensions and suggestions for materials. There is a sheet with guidelines for assembling the engine, some pertinent notes, and a sheet of assembled views. You will need access to a lathe (with four jaw chuck) and a milling machine to build this design. A rotary table is recommended if you want a spoked flywheel, but it is not essential.

Price: $34.00 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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