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Liney Thimble (Complete)

Liney Thimble (Complete)

Ref: Liney-ThimbleCmplt

Unique design has no valves! - Easy to build gift idea! This is a completed engine. No machining or assembly is required. We makemany steam engines here at Liney Machine and this is the one that everyone wants to play with when they see it. You can get it running at several hundred RPM just by blowing into it with your mouth.The Thimbledoes not have any valves like a normal steam engine. Instead the .02 inch thick piston tips sideways on the return stroke allowing the steam or airto blow by. This results in very little friction and amazing speed (We have had one up to 10,000 rpm!). You will be amazed by how well this design works and the small amount of pressure required to run. The flywheel is only 1.25' in diameter and the bore is 3/8 The following materials are included: Completed Engine.

Price: $50.00 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)


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