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Stationery Steam Mill Engine - Casting Kit

Stationery Steam Mill Engine - Casting Kit

Ref: PM-7BI

PM Research - Self starting, twin cylinder steam engine casting kit. Bore 1/2, Stroke 3/4, Twin EngineWith a 3 inch flywheel, an overall length of 6 1/4, an overall width of 6 3/4 inches and 3 1/2 inches high, this kit will make a great project for the machinist with a small lathe. All hardware, gasket material, bar stock and 16 sand castings plus complete working drawings are included.Because of the twin cylinders, this engine has the unique ability to always start by just turning on the steam. There is no need to crank the flywheel. Our thanks to modeler Pete Rose for the idea.Kit complete with 16 easy machining bronze and iron castings, all required hardware, gasket material, brass and steel bar stock and working drawings.Weight 8.00 lbs

Price: $146.02 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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