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1890's Milling Machine (MM-1)

1890's Milling Machine (MM-1)

Ref: PM-MM-1

Actual Working Model 1890s Milling Machine No machine shop is complete without a Milling Machine. So, here it is - and it is a beauty! This milling machine is a 1/12 scale replica of the Small Universal Milling Machine found on page 10 of the Construction and Use of Universal Milling Machines, Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Co. We also received information for the production of this milling machine from the Henry Ford Museum. (Which, by the way, is a great place to visit if you find yourself in the Detroit, Michigan, area.) The milling machine measures approximately 4 1/8 high, 4 1/4 long and 3 1/2 wide Kit complete with 10 easy machining aluminum castings, all required hardware, material, bar stock, precut gear stock, finished miter gears and complete working drawings. Weight 2.80 lbs

Price: $97.02 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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