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Stirling Motor Driven Fan (Solar-6)

Stirling Motor Driven Fan (Solar-6)

Ref: PM-Solar-6

These Fans are of the same high quality you have found in our other engines. This ruggedly constructed Fan is reminiscent of the days gone by when quality was important. The brass components, contrasting with the black components, create an illusion of antiquity. Each Fan involves much painstaking handcraftsmanship and hours and hours of time to assemble. Each Fan is completely assembled and test run at the factory. It is shipped with an alcohol burner, #6 burner assembly. Specifications: 14 high, fan blade = 6 1/2 with a 19 degree pitch, the motor is a coaxial Stirling Cycle, the cylinder is black anodized aluminum, the base and platform is sand cast aluminum. We recommend using denatured alcohol as fuel. Completely assembled and ready to run. Weight 4.60 lbs

Price: $293.02 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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