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Foot Powered Wood Lathe (WL-1)

Foot Powered Wood Lathe (WL-1)

Ref: PM-WL-1

Actual Working Model 1890s Wood Lathe No engine? No power plant? No problem! In the 1890s, foot power was all that was needed to drive the <a href="http://www.modelmachinist.com/product_info.php?cPath=34&products_id=516">Charles A. Strelinger #781 Reed Foot Lathe. Of course ours is twice as cute and 1/12 the size and runs mostly on finger power. As always, you can hook it up to your line shaft power if you prefer. The wood lathe measures 4 long and 4 1/2 high. Yes sir, this is the first of a line of woodworking tools we plan to add along with our fine line of metal working machine kits. Well, I guess it is time to add a wood shop to go along with your machine shop. Listen, when you order this little cutie, order the. You will find our lathe on page 202. Have fun! Kit complete with 11 easy machining aluminum castings, all required hardware, material, bar stock, and complete working drawings. Weight 1.80 lbs

Price: $67.62 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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