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Mill pkg - Deluxe w/12" base

Mill pkg - Deluxe w/12

Ref: SHL-5400A

Deluxemill with 12 basePLUS1072 1/4 drill chuck with key, arbor, drawbolt3013 Step block hold-down set3020 5/32 Sherline hex T-driver3021 3-piece center drill set3052 Fly cutter with 1/4 carbide cutting tool3060 3-piece mill collet set with drawbolt3079 3/8 end mill holder3551 Milling vise5327 Sherline Accessories Shop Guide book (224 pages, B/W)7400 6-Piece, 3/8 shank, double-ended, 2 flute end mill set.

Price: $1,046.90 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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